What are the benefits to virtualisation?

In this tough economic environment, with declining budgets, IT is expected to do more with less. With cost, resource, and time pressures, how do you ensure continued innovation, while meeting your service level agreements (SLAs)? Take control of your IT and datacentre by building a virtualised infrastructure.

With VMware virtualisation, you can see immediate, quantifiable cost savings, while ensuring true business agility—the ability to rapidly respond to the changing market environment. In this economy, the question is not whether you can afford to virtualize with VMware, but rather “How can you afford not to?”

Below are a list of reason why most companies are compelled to virtualise their server infrastructure.

• Save money – Any way you measure it, virtualisation comes out as a cost-saving proposition. Real money is saved in less administrative time, fewer infrastructure requirements and less energy utilisation.

Save time – Administering virtualised servers over physical servers can save a huge amount of time.

• Simplify management – Virtualisation enables the use of advanced features like resource optimisation, high availability and point-in-time snapshots of servers.

• Recover from disaster – Having a reliable disaster recovery plan is essential for ensuring business continuity.

Virtualisation offers hardware independence and decreased recovery time in case of a disaster or failover.